Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frankenstein Anticipation Guide

1.) The key to emotional healing can be found in nature.  AGREE
2.) Nature is filled with harsh cruelties.  AGREE
3.) A person's priorities should place family before work.  AGREE
4.) Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory and knowledge.  AGREE
5.) Those born with social and financial advantage have a responsibility for those who are not.  DISAGREE
6.) Ignorance is bliss.  AGREE
7.) Someone's ego will cause a tragic fall.  DISAGREE
8.) The pursuit of knowledge is a volatile quest.  DISAGREE
9.) Most people are basically cruel.  DISAGREE
10.) Children can learn behaviors by watching and mimicking adults.  AGREE
I myself am inclined to agree with the statement “children learn their behaviors by watching and mimicking adults”, being that I learn a lot of what I do from what I’ve seen my older brother and parents do.  Children will always mimic people who are older than them: they’re growing up and are trying to decide how to act so when they see a person successfully acting a certain way, they’ll try to copy them. They learn their behaviors from the people they are around the most, from the environment that they live in, and from things that occur in their everyday life. For example, if a kid has been going to hanging out with other people who drink and they see their parents drinking, they’ll think that it’s okay to do the same thing and will start drinking themselves.  Children will always lead by example and if their surrounded by positive influence, they will become successful and will live by the rules they interpreted from elders as well as what they were taught.
11.) Society makes a person whatever they become.  DISAGREE
12.) Rejection and mistreatment can manifest themselves in a person becoming rage-filled.  AGREE
13.) the "disenfranchised" who finds himself unable to live within society for whatever reasons, is someone for who we should feel sympathy or reverence.  AGREE
14.) If a person is treated poorly, they will act the same way.  AGREE
15.) Those people we deem monsters in todays society are merely misunderstood.  DISAGREE
In today's society, the people who we call monsters are those who have committed a serious crime, ex.  Rape, murder, theft. They are by no means, misunderstood. Take for example one of the many drug kingpins there are in the world, their actions cannot possibly be misjudged. They are criminals who have chosen their way of life, to act like a monster. On the other hand, in the past these types of crimes occurred rarely. Most of the people who were thought of as monsters were probably misunderstood because these serious offences barely ever happened. A long time ago, people were deemed monsters based on their relations with the rest of society. If you were an outcast, everything you did was interpreted as strange and you were deemed a monster. In other words, modern day monsters are criminals by choice who have chosen their corrupt profession. The monsters long ago didn’t choose that path; their actions were shaped into monsters by society.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

TKAM Re-Write a Scene

Scout was twirling that new baton of hers all over the place as we kept on walkin' home. I swear she hit just about every person we passed on the sidewalk with that new baton, but I could care less. I was furious thinking about what that old witch had said about Atticus. I'd kept my promise to him, but I was fed up hearing so many people talk bad about him!
   I couldn't hold myself back when we were in front of Miss Dubose's. I caught Scout mid sentence- "JEM! Whatch thi.." I snatched the baton from her hands and charged furiously up to her ugly plants and tore them apart. I went crazy, and trashed her whole yard ! Thrashing around, making a huge mess of all of her flowers. I could hear Scout yelling "QUIT IT Jem!", but I was too indulged in destroying this old hag's yard.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our race is not what defines us...

I believe that our race does have some part in defining us, but is outweighed by a long shot by things like our personality, appearance, culture, intelligence. For the majority of people, when they look at another person, the first thing that they will notice is probably their ethnicity or race. But, that is not what they will use to define that person. You have to be able to look deeper into someone and see the different qualities that they possess. They could be a different race than you are, but be the nicest person you have ever met. They could come from the other part of the world, not speak a single word of your language, but still be a really good looking, intelligent person.
However, there are many people who are prejudiced, and don't bother looking anywhere past a person's ethnicity. They see a different race and they think "bad". This is the opposite of what I believe in. All people have qualities that predominate their race.

Is hate ever justified??

I don't believe that it is ever justified to hate another person. Hate is such a strong emotion that really doesn't carry any positive aspects with it. Feeling hate toward another person, in my opinion, is completely pointless. You carry this powerful emotion of intense aversion with you to a point where you want to act on it or express it, which will really serve you no justice. You can't gain anything from hating someone, you'll only put yourself in the 'hated' position with all of the emotional drawbacks to it. 
There is a big difference between dislike and hate. It's in our nature to dislike things but those dislikes shouldn't elevate to feelings of hatred, because in the end you won't win anything, and you're not doing anything progressive for yourself. When you keep that hatred for a long time, it can spin out of control, and do more harm than you intended to, putting you at an even worse standing point.
Maybe there are a few exceptions where hate IS justified. Such as if someone killed your family, then yes, you would probably hate that person. But still, hating the person isn't going to resurrect your family, you won't gain anything from keeping this emotion in you.  They say that learning to forgive the person you hate is what sets you free and allows you to live your life with a sense of peace by acting as the bigger person.  Overall though, to hate a person also must mean that you care; it's justified when you get over it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gist Statement

In Uhov, Moscow, a gaudy party is taking place at Sasha and Sashkin's parent's house. The two are brother are a very mischievious brother and sister pair. During their party, they are playing in the dining room (which was the one room that they were specifically told not to play in). They are playing tag, running all around the candelabra when it suddenly snaps and falls ontop of Sasha. The both of them, being teenagers, felt embarassed to ask for help from their parents. So, they ask a doctor who is at the party out of gratitude, to help them. The irony is that their parents will find out in the end anyways.